Congratulations to Richard Sullivan, Matthew Latham and Lesley Skinner with NGK SPARK PLUGS TAKING PLACE AT NGK SPARK PLUGS

Wixom, MI — NGK Spark Plugs (U.S.A.), Inc. is pleased to announce Richard Sullivan (Senior V.P. and Chief Administrative Officer) as the new Executive Vice President of Wells® Vehicle Electronics, and promotions of Matthew Latham to Corporate Manager of Purchasing and Administration, and Lesley Skinner to Corporate Manager of Human Resources.

Richard Sullivan, the Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of NGK Spark Plugs (U.S.A.), Inc., is now also the Executive Vice President of Wells® Vehicle Electronics. Sullivan will share his time between Wells and NGK. Sullivan has been with NGK for 30 years.

Matthew Latham, previously the Corporate Manager of Purchasing and Administration, has been promoted to the role of General Manager of Purchasing and Administration. In this role, he will continue report to Richard Sullivan. Latham has been with NGK for five years.

Lesley Skinner, previously the Corporate Manager of Human Resources, has been promoted to the role of General Manager of Human Resources. She will continue to report to Richard Sullivan. Skinner has been with NGK for four years

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When it comes to brakes, there is plenty to learn, and ACDelco is here to describe the basics. Let’s start with how they work: When you press the brake pedal, fluid is forced through the brake lines that run to each wheel. The pressure of the fluid forces brake pads against a brake rotor, causing friction that slows the wheel and consequently, the vehicle. On vehicles with rear drum brakes, the fluid forces shoes (pads) against a drum, but the effect is the same – friction slows the wheel.

Because friction is created whenever you step on the brake pedal, the parts involved with creating that stopping power wear over time. Ensuring your vehicle has adequate friction components is essential to safe braking performance.  Maintaining and replacing those parts cannot be ignored, because the longer you wait, the worse the performance will get – and it may prove more expensive when you finally take action.

When it comes to brakes, there is plenty to learn, and ACDelco is here to describe the basics.   Here’s a rundown of the terms you’ll likely encounter when discussing brakes:

Disc rotor – It’s the circular part mounted behind a wheel that rotates with it. The brake pads rub against it to slow the rotation.

Disc pads – Generally about the size of your hand, the pads are just what they sound like – pads of special material that rub against the disc rotor to slow the rotation of the wheel. A pair of them acts on each rotor – one on each side – creating friction as the pads are “squeezed” against the rotor.

Caliper – With a disc-brake system, the caliper is mounted over the edge of the disc rotor and houses the brake pads. A brake line feeds hydraulic fluid to the caliper and when the brake pedal is pushed, the fluid forces the pads to squeeze against the rotor.

Drum – On vehicles with drum brakes (on the rear wheels only
for most vehicles), the drum is located behind the wheel and rotates with it. When the brake pedal is pushed, the friction- creating shoes push against the drum to slow the wheel.

Shoes – They’re the friction-creating pads used with a drum system. Rather than squeezing to create friction, as on a disc system, they push out against the inside surface of the drum.

Wheel cylinder – On a drum system, it receives the brake fluid from the brake line and distributes it to push the shoes against the drum.

Master cylinder
– It is a mechanical device that contains a piston that forces fluid through the brake lines when you step on the brakes.

Wear indicator/wear bar – It’s a piece of metal inserted in a disc brake pad that creates a squealing/squeaking sound on the rotor when the pad is worn. It’s the sign the pads are near the end of their life and should be inspected and likely replaced.

Bleeding – When brake work is performed, it is imperative that no air is trapped in the brake lines. Bleeding is a process that helps ensure air is removed.

More ACDelco information and tips, visit the ACDelco Newsletter in line at .

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TENNECO PROVIDES INFORMATION ON VOLKSWAGEN BUSINESS IN NORTH AMERICA Forest, Illinois, September 21, 2015 – In response to Volkswagen’s announcement today to temporarily halt the sale of diesel vehicles in the United States, Tenneco Inc. (NYSE: TEN) confirmed that the company supplies VW’s MQB platform globally, which includes the Jetta, Beetle and Golf in North America. In North America, Tenneco supplies emissions control components on the gasoline engine version of these vehicles, and mufflers and tailpipes on the vehicles with diesel engines. Tenneco does not supply hot-end emissions control components on these diesel engines. Based on 2014 revenue, Tenneco’s revenue from its VW diesel engine business in North America was approximately $7 million.

Globally, Tenneco’s revenue from the MQB platform was approximately $310 million in 2014 including clean air and ride performance components.

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Congradulation to Centric Parts VP Steve Hughes!

Wednesday, 05 August 2015 00:00

Centric Parts VP Steve Hughes Named to ITAC

(Industry, Calif. – August 5, 2015) Centric Parts, North America’s leading manufacturer and supplier of OE and aftermarket brake and chassis components for import and domestic cars and trucks announced today that Vice President of Governmental Affairs/Logistics/Supplier Development, Steve Hughes, has been appointed to serve on the U.S. Industry Trade Advisory Committee on Automotive Equipment and Capital Goods (ITAC 2) as a representative of Centric Parts and of the U.S. aftermarket brake components and systems industry sector. Secretary of Commerce, Penny Pritzker, and United States Trade Representative Michael Froman made the appointment on July 15, 2015.
Mr. Hughes works with the other members of ITAC 2 to provide trade policy and technical advice, information, and recommendations to the Secretary of Commerce and the United States Trade Representative regarding trade barriers, negotiation of trade agreements, and implementation of existing trade agreements.  ITAC 2 also performs other advisory functions relevant to the development of U.S. trade policy as may be requested by the Secretary and the USTR, or their designees.
In addition to his service with ITAC, Mr. Hughes is a contributing member of several other industry and governmental affairs organizations. Those organizations include:
  • AutoCare Association (Governmental Affairs Committee)
  • Brake Manufacturers Council (BMC Council member)
  • Motor Equipment Manufacturers Association (Governmental Affairs Committee)
  • CAWA (Manufacturers Advisory Council and Public Affairs Committee)
  • SAE Brake Dynamometer and Brake Friction committees

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Why was Steve McQueen to cool for school?  Ever see a Nissan “Delta Wing”?  Remember the 1960 #3 La Mans Corvette?  Did you know Ford had a string of La Mans and Formula 1 wins?  Do you like really cool Porsche’s like the 919?
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Finally a YouTube Channel for You-Too Immediate Release

Finally a YouTube Channel for You-Too

Keyport, NJ September 19, 2015:   International internet auto parts merchant announces the launch of their brand new YouTube channel.   Customers/viewers now have access to great DIY repair content, “How It Works” videos, “Green” automotive trends and a potpourris of contemporary and nostalgic Car Culture public domain Movies and TV content. 

“Today’s car owners keep vehicles longer.  It’s not unusual to find newer cars with over 100,000 miles. Maintenance and servicing is more owner friendly in some cases.  This trend establishes a new wave of DIY auto servicing, and preventative maintenance.  Car owners want to learn about the technology used in their newer vehicles.  Our YouTube channel is a great place to find out what is under the hood, how it works and how to keep performance at its maximum” says owner Joe Belmonte.

 Belmonte adds, “Our promise is to have something for everybody to watch, a channel to discover useful knowledge  as well as entertaining car culture content that is just a mouse click away“

Need an instant 15 minute break from the daily humdrum?  How about nostalgic and contemporary content like a retro ”Car Culture” Movie Trailer, a vintage car-centric TV Show opening, or a classic 60’s muscle car commercial?  We guarantee you will enjoy watching a long forgotten throwback automotive “Blast from the Past”.

The YouTube content is “IN-FUN-ative”, i.e. fun to watch and highly informative, establishing our YouTube channel as an entertaining on line destination.  We are bucking the trend of yet another boring cookie-stamp YouTube cliché e-wasteland.  Our goal is to present “SHARE-WORTHY” content that connects to our core business of easy to order auto parts on line at a fair, nominal price that is accurately delivered on time for the best possible on line auto parts buying experience.

No matter if you are an apprehensive novice, a car tinkerer, an experienced “mechanician” ready to tear down an engine, or just enjoy watching car “STUFF”, it is time to start viewing our new YouTube Channel! (

Why Discount Auto Customers Think We Rock?

Our Customers Keep Telling Us Why We Rock!

T. C. “Only way it could have been better is if was free” . . . . . Anonymous “You delivered my ordered goods fast and accurate.” . . . . . Anonymous “Quality parts at a great price! Superb customer service and prompt shipping! What more could -anyone ask? I will definitely order again”. . . . . . “Anonymous “Very satisfied customer.” . . . . . Anonymous “Best prices and fast international shipping.” . . . . . Anonymous “You guys do great” . . . . . B. C. “Easy, quick transaction!” Anonymous “FAST” Anonymous “Hello Discount Auto Parts, Mr. Belmonte, and staff, I have been ordering items from your parts store for a long time with a break in between time, I first ordered from you back in 2005. . . . . . Anonymous “I have been well pleased with the service that I have been receiving.” . . . . . “Anonymous “The shipping time, notifications with invoices, the conversation on the telephone, and information. I will continue asking for your services in Auto Parts.” . . . . . Anonymous To everyone at Discount Auto Parts, Thank you for your service.” . . . . . G. N. “FAST DELIVERY AT A GOOD PRICE.” . . . . . D. C. “Ease in locating correct parts on website. Quick shipment time. Great customer service especially regarding needed part questions.” . . . . . D. B. “As I live in Scotland. Parts are very hard to find as you can understand with finding your self’s on Internet has helped brilliant.” . . . . . Anonymous”With your brilliant cheap prices & value with shipping which I found very expensive checking other parts suppliers until found your self’s as I said also very quick service considering distance.” . . . . . Anonymous “I hope to be dealing with you soon for other parts as I am trying to restore my Dodge W150 as being the only one in Scotland.” . . . . . D.B “Thanks again for your service.” . . . . . V. K. “Ease of site, promised delivery date, order was filled with no mistakes.” . . . . . S. M. “Correct part, correct fit, Great price, free shipping.” . . . . . . J. K. “got the right part, speedy delivery” . . . . . U. J. “My interaction with the sales rep was quick and courteous.”

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“Better Than Netflix: 5 Drive-In Movie Theaters Near NYC.”

Each summer I try to take the kids to a nostalgic drive-in movie night. The problem is the 2 hour drive home.  If the last flix ends after mid-night, we’re getting home during the wee wee hours of the morn.

This is a great read!  “Better Than Netflix: 5 Drive-In Movie Theaters Near NYC.”

Good News From Around the World


Thank you all for such amazingly positive support!  Our hard-work and dedication to our customers resonates around the world.

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1. Anonymous “You delivered my ordered goods fast and accurate.”

2. Anonymous “Quality parts at a great price! Superb customer service and prompt shipping! What more could -anyone ask? I will definitely order again.”

3. U. J. “My interaction with the sales rep was quick and courteous. They asked several question in reference to my entire job, not allowing me to forget those small things that are sometimes necessary to complete the work I had to do.”

4. G. W. “Competitive price and prompt delivery to New Zealand.”

5. R. W. “The product was correct and delivered fast.”

6. M. A.  “Uncomplicated and did what you say you would on time no hassle.”

Much More than an Accredited Member

Start With Trust – August 14, 2015

Press Release

Start With Trust

Much More than an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau has recently surveyed our valued customers to build upon our best practices, which provide customers with the best online buying experience possible.  The immediate result is an outstanding 75 NPR (*Net Promoter) score from the initial 500 survey participants.                                                                                                                                                   *

  • **M.K. “Price and quality and speedy service.”
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Getting Better All the Time

     Joe Belmonte, owner of, explains, “We appreciate how the BBB Business Partner Code of Conduct (the “Code”) helps ensure that all BBB Business Partners like share our commitment to the trusted marketplace our customers have come to expect”.

     “Once again, we have renewed our accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (“BBB”).   This further substantiates how provides an e-Commerce outlet were customers purchase our automotive products at a reasonable price, delivered quickly and accurately” Belmonte adds.

Since 1996 has upheld the BBB’s high ethical standards for business conduct. applies these standards to ourselves and our Business Partners.  Customer kudos from the feedback we received supports these positive efforts to gain such acclaimed customer trust in what can be a crowded marketplace.


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A World of Thank You!

Joe, Thank you very much for the info about the delivery and you will be hearing from me soon.  I am restoring a 1990 LX 5.0 for my son.  Great Customer Service, Thank you again,  E.E.” Somewhere in the USA

Many thanks for your excellent service AND congrats on your superior reviews.  You guys are the BEST!  Appreciatively, A. B.” From Alaska

Hello Discount Auto Parts, Mr. Belmont and Staff.  I have been ordering items from your parts store for a long time with a break in between time.  I first ordered from you back in 2005.  I have been well pleased with the service that I have been receiving.  The shipping time, notifications with invoices, the conversation on the telephone, and information.  I will continue to ask for your service in Auto Parts.  To everyone at Discount Auto Parts, thank you for your service have a wonderful blessed filler day…., L. A.” From Germany




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