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Finally a YouTube Channel for You-Too Immediate Release

Finally a YouTube Channel for You-Too

Keyport, NJ September 19, 2015:   International internet auto parts merchant announces the launch of their brand new YouTube channel.   Customers/viewers now have access to great DIY repair content, “How It Works” videos, “Green” automotive trends and a potpourris of contemporary and nostalgic Car Culture public domain Movies and TV content. 

“Today’s car owners keep vehicles longer.  It’s not unusual to find newer cars with over 100,000 miles. Maintenance and servicing is more owner friendly in some cases.  This trend establishes a new wave of DIY auto servicing, and preventative maintenance.  Car owners want to learn about the technology used in their newer vehicles.  Our YouTube channel is a great place to find out what is under the hood, how it works and how to keep performance at its maximum” says owner Joe Belmonte.

 Belmonte adds, “Our promise is to have something for everybody to watch, a channel to discover useful knowledge  as well as entertaining car culture content that is just a mouse click away“

Need an instant 15 minute break from the daily humdrum?  How about nostalgic and contemporary content like a retro ”Car Culture” Movie Trailer, a vintage car-centric TV Show opening, or a classic 60’s muscle car commercial?  We guarantee you will enjoy watching a long forgotten throwback automotive “Blast from the Past”.

The YouTube content is “IN-FUN-ative”, i.e. fun to watch and highly informative, establishing our YouTube channel as an entertaining on line destination.  We are bucking the trend of yet another boring cookie-stamp YouTube cliché e-wasteland.  Our goal is to present “SHARE-WORTHY” content that connects to our core business of easy to order auto parts on line at a fair, nominal price that is accurately delivered on time for the best possible on line auto parts buying experience.

No matter if you are an apprehensive novice, a car tinkerer, an experienced “mechanician” ready to tear down an engine, or just enjoy watching car “STUFF”, it is time to start viewing our new YouTube Channel! (

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