“Better Than Netflix: 5 Drive-In Movie Theaters Near NYC.”

Each summer I try to take the kids to a nostalgic drive-in movie night. The problem is the 2 hour drive home.  If the last flix ends after mid-night, we’re getting home during the wee wee hours of the morn.

This is a great read!  “Better Than Netflix: 5 Drive-In Movie Theaters Near NYC.”

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1. Anonymous “You delivered my ordered goods fast and accurate.”

2. Anonymous “Quality parts at a great price! Superb customer service and prompt shipping! What more could -anyone ask? I will definitely order again.”

3. U. J. “My interaction with the sales rep was quick and courteous. They asked several question in reference to my entire job, not allowing me to forget those small things that are sometimes necessary to complete the work I had to do.”

4. G. W. “Competitive price and prompt delivery to New Zealand.”

5. R. W. “The product was correct and delivered fast.”

6. M. A.  “Uncomplicated and did what you say you would on time no hassle.”

Much More than an Accredited Member

Start With Trust – August 14, 2015

Press Release

Start With Trust

Much More than an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau

DiscountAutoParts.com has recently surveyed our valued customers to build upon our best practices, which provide customers with the best online buying experience possible.  The immediate result is an outstanding 75 NPR (*Net Promoter) score from the initial 500 survey participants.                                                                                                                                                   * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Net_Promoter

  • **M.K. “Price and quality and speedy service.”
  • **T.M. “Great prices and service received parts in 2 days outstanding.”
  • **P.W. “Because they provide a great service!!” (10 Rating)
  • **A.D. ”When I have catalog questions, the answer is a phone call away. I´ve always received the correct parts very promptly. Thanks for supporting us overseas.”
  • **K.H. “You acted fast, accurate and delivered the right goods, in the right time to the right cost. Good service and preciseness is what I’m expecting and paying for.  And I got it from DiscountAutoParts.”                                  ** Sampling – All Customer Identities are Kept Private.

Getting Better All the Time

     Joe Belmonte, owner of DiscountAutoParts.com, explains, “We appreciate how the BBB Business Partner Code of Conduct (the “Code”) helps ensure that all BBB Business Partners like DiscountAutoParts.com share our commitment to the trusted marketplace our customers have come to expect”.

     “Once again, we have renewed our accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (“BBB”).   This further substantiates how DiscountAutoParts.com provides an e-Commerce outlet were customers purchase our automotive products at a reasonable price, delivered quickly and accurately” Belmonte adds.

Since 1996 DiscountAutoParts.com has upheld the BBB’s high ethical standards for business conduct. DiscountAutoParts.com applies these standards to ourselves and our Business Partners.  Customer kudos from the feedback we received supports these positive efforts to gain such acclaimed customer trust in what can be a crowded marketplace.

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Start with Trust

DiscountAutoParts.com is proud to be an “Accredited Member” of the Better Business Bureau of New Jersey. 

This means that DiscountAutoParts.com has pledged to abide bt the BBB Accreditation Standards to protect and prompt the free enterprise system through self regulation.  We commit to uphold the BBB Code of Business Practices by Maintaining ethical business practices in advertising, selling and consumer support relations.

DicountAutoParts.com has meet the criteria for the Better Business Bureau  Serving New Jersey (BBB) accreditation and has been approved and accepted as an Accredited by its board of directors.



Customers Recieve Great Product at a Reasonable Price, Quickly and Correctly

Lamborghini Egotista (Is it a Car or a Jet Airplane)

How would you celebrate your 50th birthday? A wild night out where the spotlight shines bright on you and come morning leaves you with a wicked hangover and a fuzzy, slideshow memory trying to play out in your head? You know it was crazy and bad decisions were possibly made so it may be a good thing you can’t quite remember. Or maybe you’re the homebody that likes to have intimate occasions at home with family and close friends? The quality of your time spent is worth more than quantity of shots taken. Nothing at all wrong with a quiet night but you may want to skip this blog entry as this will not appeal to your particular personality. If you answered yes to the first option than you and Lamborghini have something in common.
The iconic Italian automaker from Sant’Agata famous for its outrageous, wedge-shaped automobiles hit the half-century mark this year and celebrated the only way Lamborghini knows how; by giving itself a ridiculous, one-off creation and named it “selfish” in its native tongue. They call it the Egotista and it’s an absolutely mental automobile even by Lamborghini’s standards. If only all of us were so well resourced to grace ourselves with such an ostentatious gift I’m sure we’d all look forward to turning 50 a hell of a lot more!
A subtle, pretty, graceful car the Egotista is not. The lead designer, Walter De Silva, says the side profile is meant to invoke feelings of “a bull preparing to charge, its horns lowered”. Every angle is outrageous and sharp, love it or hate it, it certainly makes a bold statement. The Egotista takes the stealth fighter theme first implemented on the Reventon and the later released Aventador to not only the next level; it goes to the level beyond even that. From the removable sliding canopy covering the driver-only cockpit, to the heads-up display that projects speed, RPMs, and other vital telemetry, they even went so far as to put flying lights on the roof and side panels; every aspect of the car is jet fighter inspired. Further stealth-inspired details are the antiradar paint on the body and wheels. There are even aircraft inspired decals that indicate airflow inductions and where to place your foot to enter the cockpit as to not damage the delicate carbon fiber body work to further build on the stealth fighter theme.
These days Lamborghini is a far cry from their old days of building farm tractors and air conditioners and bankruptcy they faced in the 90’s, they deserve the extravagant gift to themselves. Lamborghini knows they built something special and that’s why they’re keeping it and not sharing like the namesake of the car implies…although they are known to bend the rules a little if a customer with deep enough pockets comes knocking. In my opinion the car succeeds at being outrageous but it might be TOO outrageous. But isn’t that what Lamborghini is all about? I’m sure it’s a blast to drive but I’d settle for the Gallardo it’s based on, after all you still get the same 5.2 liter V10 and to me that’s all that matters. So far general opinion has been split down the middle; half of people seem to think it’s wonderful and ludicrous like a one-off Lamborghini concept car should be, while the other half thinks it’s a ghastly abomination that let their ego’s take a little too far. What do you think of Lambo’s new jet fighter for the streets?



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John Lennon’s First car

Most teenagers religiously count the days until they score the ultimate freedom pass, their driver’s license. Some are late bloomers and wait a little longer to score their driver’s license, whether out of fear or failure during the testing process, they’ll eventually get their passport behind the wheel. For at least one young adult in history their reason for delaying the driving test was quite a bit more grand than most; when you’re touring the world and gaining the admiration of millions of fans and writing one hit song after another something as mundane as driving an automobile takes a back seat. The young adult I’m referring to is none other than John Lennon. At the age of 24, John passed his driver’s test, earned his license and made headlines. Only a few hours after the news broke multiple high-end car dealerships eager to earn the business of the famous Beatle, lined up outside his Kenwood home in Weybridge, Surrey, all for a chance to sell Lennon his first car. Jaguars, Maseratis, Ferraris, and Aston Martins lined the street outside his house, after all, when you’re a rock star in the world’s biggest band, the car dealers come to your front door.
The car that John decided on was a very pretty Azzuro blue Ferrari 330GT 2+2 with matching blue leather interior for $10,000 ($171,000 in 2013 dollars.). Mr. Lennon’s passion for automobiles and driving grew quickly and in three years the Ferrari had covered more than 20k miles. Though most of the time John was chauffeured around to keep a low-profile and also because he was a notoriously bad driver. John had gotten into an accident only a few short weeks after getting his license.
In July, the prestigious Bonham auction will be offering the classic Ferrari for sale and is expected to bring $280k-$343k when it rolls across the block this July. While not the most popular or desirable Ferrari from the era, the unique first owner will be the main factor in pushing its value sky high. The car has been restored to original condition when Lennon owned it and comes with a full documented provenance guaranteed to make any Beatle of Ferrari fan glassy eyed. So how much would you pay for this dual example of Italian and Fab Four history? My guess is based on John Lennon’s ownership alone; it will far exceed Bonham’s auction estimates.


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Photo example from Bonhams.com

Effective wiper blades are necessary in bad weather

There was a light rain falling while driving into DiscountAutoParts.com world headquarters this morning and I was behind the wheel of my co-worker’s car because she does not like to drive in foul weather. It only took one cycle of the wiper blades to tell me they were shot and needed replacement. They badly streaked and barely moved a drop of rain off the windshield; I would have had better vision sticking my head out the window.
So how often should you replace your wiper blades? DiscountAutoParts.com recommends replacement at least every 6 months with Anco Brand wiper blades. Most standard wiper blades are made out of a natural rubber compound and like most rubber products they will break down and loose effectiveness over time and use. Higher-priced Silicone based blades can last a year or much longer even in hard use. Wipers have to endure severe weather, dust and road grime, bugs and bird droppings and anything else your windshield comes in contact with and obscure your view of the road. Most people wait until the blades completely lose their wiping ability which is foolish due to the importance of having a clear windscreen and the low cost and ease of installation of new blades. Not having blades in good, working condition can be a serious safety issue, especially in inclement weather at nighttime. Here are a few tell-tale signs of wiper blades gone bad:
• Streaking and smearing. The blade simply does not wipe enough or any water off the windshield. A dull or damaged blade will not move the water off properly like a new, sharp edged blade will. Inspect your current blades for any chips or worn out edges or sections.
• Noise. A worn blade can skip and chatter along the glass creating that annoying noise that gets on everyone’s nerves. Beam-style blades are more prone to this but do not necessarily mean they need replacing; a dirty windshield can cause them to skip due to their high tension nature.
• Blade separation from the wiper arm. You’ll notice the end of the blade is no longer supported and will be dangling across your windshield. The integrity of the blade has failed and needs to be replaced ASAP or the metal wiper arm will cause a permanent arc-shaped scratch in the glass.

DiscountAutoParts.com has a multitude of new wiper blade options that are a direct replacement for your vehicle and will fit your budget and climate requirements.

• Beam blades are fitted to 60% of new cars and are the good looking, better functioning alternative to conventional style blades. They provide an even contact patch across the blade surface due to an internal metal spring that curves to the contour of the windshield. Their form and function come at a higher price.
• Conventional arm blades are the most commonly found blade. They resemble a coat-hanger and offer less surface tension on the glass due to less pressure pressing down on the blade from the lower-tech construction. Although their usage is on the decline because of the newer Beam-style offers better looks and functionality. They are still a good, reliable, low-cost choice if you rarely use your wiper blades and the look is not of importance to you.
• Winter blades are designed for their namesake. The body of the arm is protected from breakage from ice by a protective rubber boot. This boot also helps prevent the blade from getting clogged with snow that would prevent it from wiping cleanly across the glass. A necessity in colder climates with frequent snow fall, you would want nothing else keeping you view of the road unobstructed from the winter elements.

This concludes DiscountAutoParts.com brief breakdown of wiper blade maintenance and replacement options. If you have any other questions or need help deciding which blade is best for you, call or email us today!


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Oxygen Sensors

If your car is like us folks at DiscountAutoParts.com your vehicle is entering middle age there’s a good chance your Check Engine Light (CEL) is on or will be in the near future for an Oxygen (O2) Sensor code. Sounds like a serious midlife crisis! But don’t lose any hair because of it, DiscountAutoParts.com is here to help! If your vehicle meets or exceeds these industry standards, an Oxygen Sensor replacement may be a wise idea. An O2 sensor for a vehicle made from the 1990’s-to-Present is of the heated variety and can last as long as 100k miles, while an older vehicle made before then will be equipped with a non-heated O2 sensor and may only last 50-70k miles before becoming faulty. In the end, your 02 sensor’s life will vary due to the construction of the sensor, driving styles and the climate you drive in. Modern cars may have as many as 4 or more O2 sensors while an older car will only have two. There are a few basic indications that one or more of your sensors have gone bad:
• A solid or flashing Check Engine or Emissions light on your car’s instrument panel.
• A noticeable loss of fuel economy accompanied by poor vehicle performance, rough idling and possible stalling.
• Failing your state’s emission control tests

Let’s breakdown what makes the O2 sensors such important part of your vehicle’s emission system and the two major tasks they perform. Commonly referred to as the “front” O2 sensor, the correct term is “Upstream Sensor” and it’s the most important sensor in the system. The Upstream sensor is always located before the catalytic converter and can typically be located in the exhaust manifold. The Upstream O2 sensor’s duties are to communicate with the car’s computer to constantly adjust the air/fuel ratio to achieve prime fuel economy and performance while maintaining emissions. A faulty Upstream sensor would have a definite impact on fuel economy as the air/fuel ratio will not be correctly calculated and your engine’s computer will be guessing the air/fuel ration needed and will be forced to deal with a mixture that is either too rich or too lean. A fuel trim that is too rich will burn excess fuel and cause more pollution, you’ll notice more soot around your rear bumper near the tail pipe. A fuel mixture too lean can cause severe internal damage to your engine and create pollution as well.
The second type of O2 sensor is the “Downstream Sensor” or more simply put, the “rear” sensor. The Downstream sensor’s only job is to monitor the exhaust passing out of catalytic converter to see if it is doing its job properly. A faulty downstream sensor will not affect the vehicle greatly in the way the upstream does.
Oxygen sensor replacement can be a very simple job you can perform in your driveway, requiring not much more than the correct sized wrench, some penetrating lubricant, and the new sensor. Discountautoparts.com carries a full line of O2 sensors in brands such as Bosch, NGK, and Walker. Many are exact-fit replacements that will plug right in to your existing sensor’s wiring harness and exhaust bung. We also carry universal sensors that have a lower price but may require cutting or splicing of the harness for it to work correctly on your application. I recommend going spending a little more for a make and model specific, exact- fit sensor for ease of installation and peace of mind you have the right sensor tuned optimally for your car. Call us or check out our vast inventory of Oxygen Sensors for your vehicle today!


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Wagner Brake Parts Are Recommended By Discountautoparts.com

I recently returned from a vacation in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. I knew that as soon as we left the flat lands of Central Jersey and entered the mountainous terrain of Northeastern Pennsylvania and Southwestern New York that we were going to be putting a beating on my girlfriend’s old Hyundai Elantra. I had prepared the car as best as I could before the trip with a new CV axle and fresh fluids in the transmission, crankcase and radiator. But I’m ashamed to say I had neglected to check the most important safety system on the car, the brakes! Knowing they were only about a year old and that they did their job faithfully in everyday rush hour commuting for my girlfriend gave me slight peace of mind; but that confidence was slowly starting to erode as the elevation increased and the downhill slopes got steeper.

Luckily, I had the chance to pull over at a rest area and access the brakes before the terrain got too mountainous. I was glad I had opted for high-quality Wagner ThermoQuiet pads and Centric rotors (both of which, DiscountAutoParts.com is proud to offer.) because after a brief inspection of the condition of the front pads and rotors I determined they had plenty of life left and continued on our way with spirited aplomb. I don’t drive my cars lightly and the brakes certainly got a work out during our stay, I may have gotten a little too brave on those unfamiliar roads but the brakes never noised a complaint or showed any side of fade, even with a backseat and trunk full of cargo they stayed strong and true.

Now I was lucky that those brakes had stood up well and will definitely be replacing them with the same ThermoQuiet pads when it comes time. Only through my personal experience with Wagner’s product can I say that with confidence. But your personal preferences and expectations and budget can vary. When changing the brakes on your vehicle you are faced with many different options in price and in the material that the pads are comprised of. Each type of pad has its pro’s and con’s. We’ll briefly summarize each type of pad so you may get a better idea of which direction to head in your brake pad replacement. The four types of pads on the market today are (from least to most expensive) Non-asbestos Organic, Low-metallic, Semi-metallic, and Ceramic. DiscountAutoParts.com carries a full selection of these pads for your needs
The Wagner ThermoQuiet pads I have on my car are made from a Ceramic material that is much quieter, smoother, and have a consistent brake pedal feel in hard use but can lose stopping power if they get too hot, also known as brake fade. They also wear slower which leads to greater life in the pad and their softer composition cause less wear and tear on the rotors. Ceramic pads are priced above their semi-metallic and organic pad alternatives but due to their gentle wear on rotors the cost may be offset from the purchase of new rotors. In my opinion, the premium price is worth the peace of mind and they proved worth the little extra from our mountain road excursion.

Down a little lower on the price spectrum but still good bang for your buck is a Semi-Metallic pad. Constructed of chopped steel fibers and other metals, they sacrifice quiet operation for cost. While not as noisy as an Low-Metallic pad they offer solid braking power and long life but will wear on your rotors more due to the their 30-60% metallic construction. Metal on metal always causes high wear especially in high heat situations. All around a good pad for the money and a reliable choice in the automotive industry for years.

Next in line down the price ladder you will find the Low-Metallic brake pads. These pads are often found as OEM equipment on European cars. Made with less chopped metal fibers than the Semi-Metallic variety, Low-metallic pads contain more organic material, such as Kevlar and carbon. Due to their low metal content, these pads are typically much noisier and can wear out more quickly but still provide good, reliable stopping power. These pads can also create a lot of dust build-up on your alloy wheels, which leads to dark discoloration that requires special cleaners and a lot of elbow grease to remove properly.

Finally at the bottom of the price spectrum we have the Non-Asbestos Organic pads. Made from softer, less resilient materials than their higher-priced, Metallic derived alternatives, Organic pads create even more dust and have an even shorter life span then a more expensive pad. The only benefits to using these pads are their low-cost and quiet operation. I would only recommend these pads if a cost is a determining factor.

There you have it, I hope our breakdown of the different kinds of pads and our personal experiences will help you make your decision in buying the pads that meet your needs. If not, our highly knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you may have to help you choose the right brake pads for your vehicle!

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