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A World of Thank You!

Joe, Thank you very much for the info about the delivery and you will be hearing from me soon.  I am restoring a 1990 LX 5.0 for my son.  Great Customer Service, Thank you again,  E.E.” Somewhere in the USA

Many thanks for your excellent service AND congrats on your superior reviews.  You guys are the BEST!  Appreciatively, A. B.” From Alaska

Hello Discount Auto Parts, Mr. Belmont and Staff.  I have been ordering items from your parts store for a long time with a break in between time.  I first ordered from you back in 2005.  I have been well pleased with the service that I have been receiving.  The shipping time, notifications with invoices, the conversation on the telephone, and information.  I will continue to ask for your service in Auto Parts.  To everyone at Discount Auto Parts, thank you for your service have a wonderful blessed filler day…., L. A.” From Germany




Modified Volvo

There are very few cars that get us at Discountautoparts.com s blood pumping and my palms sweaty. Show me a modern Ferrari or Porsche and I’ll respond with a shoulder shrug. Walking around a classic car show I’ll pass right by your frame-off, Concours quality restoration you spent years and tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on. I’ll appreciate it for the standard of work that went into but I see past that and see it for what it really is; a rarely driven, garage kept high dollar investment. At that point it’s become piece of rolling sculpture to be admired from afar and not from behind the wheel anymore.

So if high-end exotics and ultra-dollar restorations don’t impress, what does? Simply put, patina and character. While browsing the car porn archives at SpeedHunters.com I found this: A rusty Volvo Amazon turned into an all American gasser-style hot rod with a Blown Hemi heart. They call it the Hemizon and it’s a mad, mad car made by mad, mad Swedish automotive artisans at Larsson Customizing. For those that don’t know what a gasser is, it’s a stripped out and jacked up dragster based on a 1930’s to 1960’s passenger car whose sole purpose is to do burnouts and get down the drag strip as fast as possible. The most distinctive feature of a gasser is the high stance from jacked up front end which aids in weight distribution and is usually obtained by fixing a solid axle out of a truck. This Volvo takes the US gasser tradition and pays it full respect but instead of the boxy, American sedan commonly used, it replaces it with the smooth, clean rounded lines of the classic Amazon with many beautiful details that must be seen to be appreciated. Don’t take our word for it, read SpeedHunter Ben Chandler’s first hand account and take a few minutes to take in Paddy McGrath’s great shots of this awesome Swedish-style homage to an American tradition.


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